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Can't find books/kindle


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Hello all!


I would like to study all the material for the HSK 1, 2 and 3.  


But I live in a country where all these books you guys mention: NPCR, Integrated Chinese, and so on, are difficult to find and buy (almost impossible really). The only case I was able to get my hands on one was in a library but I couldn't buy them, despite my offer and (a bit) of insistence. Kindle also doesn't work. I don't know why, but I can't find the NPCR, IC ... in Kindle version.


So, is there a soul out there that can shine my pass trough this hard journey called "learning Chinese" and show my a way I can get these books ? Both NPCR and Integrated Chinese? Actually just one of them would be great already. Ideally containing all the books in the series, as well as the textbook, workbook, etc.


Thanks so much!


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NPCR is published on the mainland, the easiest way to get it might be via here - that website has been running for years and they have plenty of experience in overseas orders.

Integrated Chinese is published by Cheng and Tsui, who ship internationally from the US.


Where are you? We might have a forum member nearby with some ideas.

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I believe that Blcu press have Npcr as an e book now ( windows pc only ) along with many more of its titles. As far as integrated Chinese they do a internet version ( web app ) but it is a little more expensive. 






if I am not allowed to put these links in please remove.







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@roddy Thanks for the reply!


So, I live in Brazil.


I just searched the info you mentioned and I found out this "online" book from IC https://www.cheng-tsui.com/browse/textbooks/integrated-chinese-4th-edition/integrated-chinese-4th-ed-volume-1-workbook-on-the?id=21421


I guess it's the closest to what I would like, although expensive.


Is there a way to get the .pdf file ? (Without being illegal, of course. I would also pay for it if needed)

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@the madman Thanks! Your reply just appeared after I replied to roddy. 


Yes, IC web app is expensive indeed. 


I opened the blcup.com link with so much hope but it's for Windows only. ?


I am starting to believe that the only way I could read would be in .pdf or .txt format.

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8 minutes ago, JakeTheDog said:

Is there a way to get the .pdf file ? (Without being illegal, of course. I would also pay for it if needed)

As far as I can see, no. If you want something easily obtainable and downloadable, you could look at the FSI language courses, which are quite old, but still have their fans and are available for free.


Honestly, if you can, I'd order the books. You could spend weeks trying to find an easier way. If you have a university nearby which teaches Chinese, you might be able to get hold of the books they use from their bookstore.

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Looks like it, but not sure about that download box at the top - if you scroll down you can see the actual files and audio. 


See what you think - as I say, it's old and it was designed for classroom use. If you'd like to put a new post up introducing yourself, your language learning experience, and what you're hoping to achieve, you should get plenty of recommendations.

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