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I work full time in the US and picked up studying Chinese as a hobby a few years ago.  I'm mostly self taught, have taken regular courses on iTalki, and would place myself at about HSK5.5 (although haven't taken the HSK tests).  I regularly consume Chinese media and talk with Chinese friends and co-workers.  However, because I've never had "formal" education, I feel like I am lacking in some elements that structured coursework would improve.  Because schools have had to adapt to the COVID situation, I'm wondering if this is a time where I should start looking at structured class work.


Anyone have any recommendations on either university level courses or other language centers that they have found useful, and might now be offering online options?

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1 hour ago, jiaojiao87 said:

structured class work.

You could actually do HSK 4/5. Use the official textbooks with a tutor (From italki?) and you’ve got a heavily structured course right there. 


You can also find free online courses on places like coursera for HSK from Chinese Universities (Peking Uni in particular). These have been available for ages and there are threads on this forum with info/reviews. 

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