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Advice for advanced Chinese Language Programme in China


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Hi there, I'm thinking of taking a semester next spring(2021) to study Chinese language in China. For your background information, I'm probably rather advanced in the language as I've a high pass in HSK 6(R=99,L=95,W=78) and a Singaporean. As of the moment, I'd like to ask for some advice from the experienced with regards to BLCU's intensive program, Tsinghua's Chinese Language Programme and any other recommended institution. What do you think? Do you think there would be enough opportunities for me to learn ancient Chinese(古汉语)、classic literature、advanced linguistics studies and partake in a deep discussion on the current affairs? Although I've to admit my secondary purpose is to experience life in China for a good 5-month.


Thank you for reading:) Awaiting your response with anticipation.

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Simply put, you don't want a "language program" you want a degree that is taught using language. You could consider an MA from a Chinese university in linguistics or 古汉语 or maybe even 文学 if your reading speed is fast enough.

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Actually, I’m scheduled to do my Bachelors in CS next August in Singapore. Prior to that, I’d like to do some language programmes so I’m considering China. My concern, however, is that I don’t know how “advanced” is the advanced class in BCLU or THU so I’m trying to gather feedback from the community. 

This is first post so that might be some ambiguity to my post. I’m fine with studying anything advanced in Chinese as long as I can have fun playing + studying in China. Just wanna the experience.

Thank you for your reply, 艾墨本。

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19 hours ago, Cooper_Chai said:

Just wanna the experience.

Then just do it anyway ? 


When I was at Tsinghua the advanced class was made up of about 80% ethnic Chinese from various countries (American Born Chinese, French, British, Philippines...). I had a few friends who were in the classes. It mostly seemed like they did a lot of essays ? but we never really talked in dept about what they were doing. 

You could do HSK 5 after/during Tsinghua’s Intermediate 1 class. At that time there was Int2 and Adv1 and 2. Not sure about now. This was in 2013. 

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