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Coronavirus - Health App - Getting to the Swiss Embassy from Jinan & back


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Does anyone know how the health app works? Will it go from Green to Red if the GPS detects you move between cities?


The Swiss Embassy wants my 70yr old mother-in-law to go appear in-person to get a pre-approved Family-reunion Visa (Spent 5 weeks sending various documents to the Migration office in Zürich including underwriting her deportation expenses up to $30,000, and now have a letter saying that she is entitled to a Visa), but I'm concerned that she'll be stuck in a hotel for quarantine in Beijing for 14 days before she can get to the Embassy, and then stuck for another 14 days in a hotel in Jinan when she comes back. Being 70, my wife usually goes with her, but if they're both stuck in quarantine for a month then the baby will be stuck on is own with the nanny.


My wife says she can't get into the apartment complex without showing the health app, so I'd really appreciate knowing what triggers it.


Alternatively, if the health app detects you've moved city, will the authorities allow to leave China without going through quarantine? If so, could she travel to Beijing get the visa, then immediately go to the airport and get internal flights connecting with the international flight out?

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23 minutes ago, banjo67xxx said:

Does anyone know how the health app works? Will it go from Green to Red if the GPS detects you move between cities?

I’m pretty sure it detects location. The only data it really has to go on is your location and ID. I am not sure how it changes between cities but you’d imagine it would change, especially going into a medium or high risk area.  

I know that each city has their own policy when dealing with people coming from medium to high risk areas (of Beijing and, I assume, other places too). It would make sense Beijing has it’s own policy for those coming in. I’d also imagine it’s one of the strictest. One simple way you could check this Is to pick some 5 star hotels here in the capital and just call them to enquire about booking. They should know the current requirements for incoming travellers. 

Is Jinan currently low risk? If leaving Beijing from a low risk area some cities seem to just require a negative test result within the last 7 days and that’s it. The next problem is getting a test as they seem to be quite heavily backed up. 

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I've got some good news. After asking again, the Swiss Embassy has said that as the application is pre-approved, then we can send a representative to the Embassy.


Just need to find an agent in Beijing who'll be willing to go drop off the passport and collect it again a couple of days later.

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