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Shanghainese IME


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I'm making a IME for Shanghainese. The existing one for RIME uses a strange romanisation system, and what I intend on doing is to add more words and characters to the dictionary file if the need arises, and to use a schema file very generously provided by someone working with me on this project. However, what we need right now are ideas for how the IME should work - i.e. the romanisation system used, whether distinctions lost in New Shanghainese should instead be retained etc. We have a discord server where these details can be discussed; alternatively, we can chat here.

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 I've done about 10 online lessons in Shanghainese - and I found even writing down the words is almost impossible (to try and recreate the incredible sounds later). It was in equal measures soul destroying and enlightening - could spend 1 hour trying to say one word. Everyone learning mandarin should dip into Shanghainese just to realise how much easier mandarin is...


I have a shanghainese book that uses a strange romanisation system which didn't help massively.


Anyway fairplay to you! I don't think I will be able to help but keep up the good work.


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@Nightcap How's progress going? It's been a while since I've worked with RIME, and I agree that the dictionary file I sent you is a bit odd—obsolete even. As far as Romanisation goes, this is always such a subjective issue and I cannot think of one Sinitic Romanisation that everyone, or even most people, likes.

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