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Zhihu 知乎 registration outside of China


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Can someone help me register a Zhihu account ? I only have a UK phone number. I know there are some websites that let you create fake phone numbers, and you can then see online the text messages sent to that fake number, maybe there is a Chinese website like this? Also, going to Zhihu.com on my tablet, I can't even see an option to register. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I think being able to access Zhihu will be a great push for our studies. 


Note I may have found a third party Android app that lets you read it without an account, I need to be able to access it from my browser so I can use my dictionary extension.

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When I go to the zhihu.com homepage (on my PC), I see "开通机构号" at the bottom left of the login box. You can use this to create an account. I haven't tried it, but there should be an option to create an account with a foreign phone number, as the login page also has an option to 海外手机号登录.

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You need to click on the link I gave you, then click on the link there I mentioned, 海外手机号登录. At which point a box will open from which you can select the country code prefix of your mobile number. But before doing this, click on 免密码登录 at the top left, if you want to register with an SMS code instead of a password, your choice.

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I haven't been able to get the above to work. When I try entering my US phone #, the site requests that I sent a message to a number they give (only option seems to be 获取短信经验吗, if I try using the password method, it will put this error next the the phone number I give as a username 该手机号尚未注册知乎, and makes me go to the version where I send them the code again). So I do that, send the code to the number from my phone, but then it says 没收到短信. Alternatively, I've tried signing up with my WeChat, but after I scan the QR code and confirm in WeChat, nothing changes in the browser. Has anyone else overcome these hurdles?

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