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Sougou, iPhone and Traditional Characters


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I have downloaded Sougou for Mac and it is wonderful . I have set the default to Traditional Characters. I have also downloaded the app on my iPhone. It is very easy to type Simplfied Characters but I cannot work out how to type Traditional Characters. I suspect I have missed something very simple Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated. 


As a secondary question - is there an iPhone app that can turn SC into TC and visa versa?


Please note I am at the start of my journey to learn Mandarin so please assume limited knowledge on my part. 


Many thanks 

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I think I can now answer my own questions. On the second point - I can now turn TC into SC on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, and on my Mac I have set up convenient shortcuts. On my main point I now believe that Sougou on iPhone and iPad only uses SC. I was led astray because the desktop version permits both characters.

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Welcome to the forums!


For iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboards and add a keyboard for "Chinese, Traditional".  

And then choose one of the 12 (!) input methods.  


On the Mac you don't need extra software... System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources allows you to add IMEs for Traditional and Simplified characters.  The Trad one has options for Cangjie, Pinyin, Shuangpin, Zhuyin, etc...


On 7/3/2020 at 4:22 PM, oldB51 said:

is there an iPhone app that can turn SC into TC and visa versa?


I don't know about the iPhone, but on OSX/MacOS you can select text in some apps (e.g. Notes, TextEdit, Mail), right-click to get the "Services" menu, and that has options to convert between trad and simplified in both directions.


Maybe there is something similar built into iOS somewhere...


btw, if you didn't already get it, go and download Pleco.


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Thank you mungouk for taking the trouble to respond. I am very much obliged. The first part of my question was not about how to install Input Sources...I was aware of how to do that. My question specifically related to Sougou. I now believe that on iPhone and iPad that software does not permit TC...unlike the desktop version which permits both TC and SC and it is simply a question of having the correct settings. Whether the Sougou software is 'needed' depends on whether its predictive ability is actually as good as its reputation suggests. Time will tell...!!!


Yes, following my original post I found the Services Menu and can do the the conversions both ways on my desktop. The only tricky bit was setting up convenient keyboard shortcuts. This is now successfully done. So it is simply a matter of selecting relevent text, hitting the shortcut keys and the conversion is done. 


I have also discovered that on iPhone/iPad if one simply selects appropriate text then an option list springs up...one of the options is to convert. It is simple and convenient. No additional work is required.


Once again, many thanks for responding. 

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