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Wechat account to buy transcriptions?


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Hello togehter,


I really feel that watching TV in combination with subtitles is the best method for me to learn chinese, as I enjoy it the most.

We all at least once had the problem that hard-coded sub are not the best solution when trying to learn new words.


In some other threads I saw the wechat account "sulu958" where transcripts are sold, but this account couldn't be found anymore in wechat.


Does anyone know other accounts where I could buy transcripts in mandarin?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello, Wickeda. I may provide some suggestions. 


Firstly, you dont need to buy those transcripts via wechat because there are several video websites playing TV series in Chinese. I can name some, like Youku, IQiyi, Tencent Video, and if you know the Chinese names of what you would like to see, you can find on these websites. Besides, I also found some TV series were uploaded onto Youtube with Chinese subtles. 


Then, I am thinking of recommending you to learning Chinese through watching English TV dramas or shows since they are easier to find online. For instance, sometimes I like to play some 2 Broke Girls just to practice the listening skill. The advantage of watching English ones is there are always bilingual subtles in them and thus you can understand what you may feel confused with the help of English subtles. I can also put forward a website that I usually use to watch English dramas 91美剧 (91mjw.com) for your reference. 

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Wow, thank you very much! The last link to 91美剧  is overwhelmingly great!


What I was searching for are soft-subs of Peppa Pig. It looks I can't find them anywhere. On youtube there are some hard-coded ones. That's what I'm specifically searching for.



Thank you for the great links!

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