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HSK to be revised in 2020 - 9 levels and 11000 words


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Any information about the 2020 HSK revision? I've found a twitter by Hanban (https://twitter.com/HSKTestOfficial/status/1263362479553302529), and some articles on various blogs, but at the moment nothing more.

Frankly, I've been waiting for a revision of the test since Hanban introduced the actual format in 2010. The HSK test, even at the highest levels (HSK 5 and 6), is so simple that the equivalence HSK 6=C1 is impossibile to accept. 

The table for HSK 2020 seems to take into account that at the elementary level a learner need to know 2500 words, at the intermediate level 5000/6000 words, at the advanced level 10.000 words. Now I hope to see in the text more extracts from university textbooks for chinese students, modern literature, magazines, essays, real spoken chinese (media, interviews etc.), and maybe, at the advanced level, classical grammatical structures used today in formal Chinese.

Here you are the table for the new HSK I've found.


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