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How much money for studying in Beijing?


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Hey there, 


just got an offer for studying abroad in Bejing in Spring term 21. I just wondered how much money I should plan with? Rent in the dorm will be around 320 (2500 RMB). What additional costs should I expect per month? Of course highly personal topic but just assuming your average international student, maybe there are former students here who can give me an estimation :)



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Dependant on you but


-75 RMB (Canteen basic food) - 150 RMB (more flexible) per day on food

-Cleaning products and essentials on arriving 300RMB

- Student Bar on weekends? 250 RMB per weekend

- Travelling one weekend every month? 500 - 3000RMB per weekend travelled

- Paying for 1 on 1 tutoring 2 hours per week? 200 RMB per week

- Travelling to SLT and buying clothes once per month? 500RMB per month

- Going to cinema? 80 RMB

- Going to watch Beijing play football 300 RMB

- Trip on subway ? 4 RMB

- Buying an ebike? 1000- 2000 RMB

- Buying a bicyle? 250-1000 RMB

- 1 nice restaurant meal with friends per weekend? 200 RMB

- getting a haircut? 30 RMB - 500RMB

- getting a blind massage? 60 RMB

- getting a swedish massage ? 300 RMB

- acupuncture? 200 RMB

- 350 ml of coke? 4 RMB


Food and travel are you biggest variables - are you gonna enjoy yourself and try restaurants often, or will you just eat basically at the canteen. Also travel - will you make opportunity to visit Xian and Shanghai etc? or stay at home


P.S whatever you budget for - you will probably spend about 25% more. China, and particularly Beijing, is increasing in living price




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An awful lot depends on what kind of group you end up hanging out with: students with some money who enjoy going out or those who tend to hang around the dorm all the time.


Of course this is true just about anywhere in the world you study, just that Beijing can be surprisingly expensive if you go out a lot.

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I don't consider myself as an economical person, but when I stayed in Beijing last year I'd spend approximately 2500RMB/month + dormitory expenses. Those 2500RMB/month included buying winter clothes, buying many things on taobao, going to 香山, 故宫, 颐和园 and other interesting (and unexpensive) places in Beijing, going to bars once or twice a month, going to restaurants/malls on the weekends etc. If you plan on going on several trips, want to buy a complete new set of kitchenware, don't like Chinese food too much, gets sick easily, want to pack your luggage with gifts for others, simply like to spend a lot, or plan on doing some other universally expensive things, you might need more than (5k+dorm)RMB/month.

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