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Just another pith painting


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Although 药 is the modern simplified form of 藥, Wenlin seems to indicate that 葯 was a long-standing variant.


"药 really originated in 葯 yào 'Dahurian angelica', the name of a particular herb. 葯 yào was borrowed to be a variant of 藥 yào, the pronunciations being the same."


Note the picture uses 葯.

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16 hours ago, 大块头 said:

Besides the primary meaning of "medicine" it can also mean "to poison".

In this instance it'd be "poison" (noun). Though it's interesting that a lot of dictionaries don't mention that meaning or seem to treat it as an extension of "medicine".







Seems like there's a missing step there, unless mice are somehow a subset of 病虫...

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