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Chinese learning program


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I am seriously confused about the Chinese learning program and the HSK. I constantly seen a lot on the internet that a lot of schools have the Chinese learning program and i was wondering what that was? I thought it taught of the Chinese language but then that i also see the the HSK is a requirement also and that like a Chinese writing, listening, and reading. So can someone clarify this for me. Please and thank you.

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HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi - Chinese level examination) - This is an exam that is your language level accreditation. It has 6 levels currently, and gives an indication of how good your mandarin is. It tests your reading, writing, and listening. For speaking their is a separate exam called HSKK.


Chinese learning programme - This sounds like a general term for a programme of learning Mandarin. I don't think it has a rigid meaning across the educational sector, and most often will refer to a universities Chinese language programme.Typically if you study Mandarin at a Chinese university, their Chinese learning programmes will consist of 4 hours per day Mon- Fri, including listening(dictation), speaking, reading, writing etc.


If the course you are looking at has a HSK requirement, than that means you will need to already have an ability in Mandarin. For example if it has a requirement of HSK 6, you would need to be advanced to enter it. Perhaps you can provide a link to the course you are not sure about and we can have a look?

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I always thought that Chinese learning program was any course for example History, physics, etc that was taught in Chinese and that you needed a certain level of Chinese eg HSK 5 but additional Chinese language lessons would also be taught.


Now I may be completely wrong but it makes sense as to why there is HSK level required otherwise it would just be a course starting at HSK 1 and working up to 6. It is the only reason I can think of as to why you need a certain level to start with.


I have done several online courses like this.


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