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CSC 2021 - multiple University/Courses


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I'd like to begin by introducing myself as I am new to this forum. My name is David and I have been self-studying Mandarin on and off for a year or so. I have very little time to study so I'm still stuck at HSK 2 level!


I found out about the CSC Scholarship a couple of months ago and I've been determined to get admitted to a Masters Degree Programme in China (English-taught), for 2021 entry.


From what I've read, I am definitely eligible for the Scholarship. I'm under 35, a Native English speaker, and have a Bachelors degree from a reputable University.


For the last 4 weeks, I've been researching Chinese Universities and Master Degree Programmes and have decided to study a China Studies Major. I'm still stuck between majoring in Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese History, or Chinese Philosophy!


Anyway, I read that CSC applicants can choose up to 3 Universities/Programmes on their application. I also read that if you have multiple choices, the Chinese Government will assign you to the University/Programme that they thinks suits you best (from your choices).


When we make our CSC application, can we specify which of our 3 choices is our 'preferred' choice? or is it luck of the draw?


Also, if anybody reading this has successfully achieved a fully-funded CSC Scholarship, I would really appreciate your guidance when 2021 applications open. 




Kind Regards,


David (still picking my Chinese Name)



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Hello David, 


When you are applying through the embassy in your country (Type A), there is space for three options. Your first choice is your first preference (it's actually marked like this "Preference I, Preference II and Preference III"). 


For Type B, I am not sure if there are preferences although you also apply to a maximum of three universities. I have heard from people say that it is the usually the first university that nominates you that gets in the end. 


I hope this helps. 

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7 hours ago, 马M said:

Thank you Sankarist. I wasn't sure what to expect on the application, but from what you have told me, I will write my University choices in order of preference.

You are welcome. As for the earlier request that someone take you through the process, I will be available for guidance when the need arises. I got the CSC Type B scholarship in 2017 for my masters, and got it this year again for PhD.

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Thank you Sankarist, you are too kind. I think I have about 4 months before 2021 applications are open. I'm definitely hyped though. Do you have any advice for the Study plan? I've never written one before, and it's difficult to know what to write about since most of the Courses I've looked at haven't published the degree modules in much detail.

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For the study plan, I think it should depend on what you want to study first, and your prior knowledge of the same. For example, if you want to study Higher Education, you can - from your own knowledge of the discipline based on your undergraduate studies or current conversations in the field in your country- decide to write a study plan on the admission policy of higher education. Thus, you don't have to worry about what they have on their websites since contents for most programmes all over the world relate in one way or the other. 


When I was applying for a masters, mine was just more of a personal statement, why I wanted to study in China, what I would be researching on blah blah. I've seen it work even now with a lot of others too, they introduce themselves, a little bit of their professional background, what they want to work on as part of their research plan etcetera.


They want at least 800 words (if they wont change next year) so no big deal. But if you want to include a clear research plan in your study plan you also can. In which case you would have to indicate your proposed study's title/toic, a project summary, a brief introduction of the project, research questions, aims/objectives of the study, significance of the study, and methodology. This has to be very brief. A maximum of 2500 words would suffice. 


Later I can share with you pdf samples of the study plans from some of the friends that got accepted. I helped one last year and another one this year. 

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Hi Sankarist, 


I've only just read your reply, I don't seem to be getting notifications on this forum (eek). 


I have already chosen which Universities and courses I want to study. They are all Masters degrees in a different field to my Undergraduate degree. I am wanting to study China; be that Chinese Philosophy, history, literature, culture, or a combination of these. My undergraduate degree is in Business, but I have a strong interest in China, and I have been self-studying Mandarin in my spare time. I think I'm around HSK2 (close to HSK3).


I've already written a Personal Statement summarising my background, my motivations for studying in China, and the reasons why I've selected the specific courses. I thought the Study plan was required in addition to the Personal Statement. I'm still learning the whole application process so you are a great help in this respect. The word limit is quite annoying though as I have too much to write about!

The study plan PDFs would be helpful, too. I have no idea what I'd want to research though as I'm heading into this subject with very little prior knowledge.


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