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Extending visas/temporary residence during the pandemic


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A cautionary tale here by an expat who messed up the extension of his paperwork.


He had a business visa, but this pitfall probably applies to anyone with a short-term visa, or temporary extension... which during COVID is probably many more than usual.


Via GDtoday's WeChat account.




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I was so confused reading this but I think I finally get it. He tries to make a big deal about police registration, but I honestly doubt this was an issue. The real issue was, he got a 60 day automatic extension, then overstayed for more than 60 days. Of course that would be a problem. 

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'Absolutely the worst experience of my life but not because of the official process or the people doing it, they were courteous and professional, they were reassuring, informative and efficient throughout.'

I'm glad for him that he has never had anything worse happen in his life than spend a day in a police station explaining to a polite albeit slow-typing policeman how he overstayed his visa.


'I don’t ever want to go through an event like that again, but I can say, if anyone else needs to do this, don’t be afraid of how you will be treated, if you have a problem, go to them and explain, it will be much better for you.'

This kind of makes it look like propaganda. Foreigners, be warned: if you do something wrong, come forward and confess and you will be treated leniently.

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