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Pandemic period HSK 6 test


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I want to enroll in a chinese uni next year (september 2021), thus I need to take the HSK 6 before december (because inscription start around january). The thing is...I'm in Taiwan right now, I can't take the test physically here neither leave the country (otherwise need to quarantine).

I heard about the HSK home edition but after searching a little bit apparently it was only for the may period, not anymore? 

I look up at http://www.chinesetest.cn , there are definetely internet test based exam (網考) but apprently you still need to go physically to the place right?


Is there any way I can take the HSK ?  ? Chinese uni don't recognize Taiwan TOCFL unfortunately. 

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Not sure if it will help, but I took my HSK in July in Seoul (internet based), it was at the hsk facility, pretty much the same as per usual except that you had to wear a mask, social distance and the keyboards were disinfected. But I'm not sure how exactly it would look like in Taiwan.


Interestingly, while looking for a place to take the test in Seoul, I was having a hard time finding one and registering via chinesetest.cn. But I saw that there are plenty of HSK centers around the city, so I reached out to them and they signed me up for the exam. They weren't even listed at the chinesetest.cn website. At first I was sceptical if taking exam there will even count, but they assured me it's fine, so I took it and it's was all just like on any other HSK exam i took before. I got the HSK ticket, later was able to check the results on the chinesetest.cn website and recently got the certificate. Everything perfectly fine


So my advice is, if you can't find any place on chinesetest.cn, try to look for HSK centers. Not sure if there are many of them in Taiwan (after all people there generally can speak Chinese) but i think it's worth a try. 

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Hi @brigitte 


You could try asking the official HSK account on Twitter if you use that... they're at https://twitter.com/HSKTestOfficial


But anyone who's asked in the last couple of weeks got replies similar to "there is no online home test at present" or "it's not decided".


Chinese Testing International also has a WeChat account where they announce some stuff occasionally... search for "汉考国际CTI"

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