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Natural way to end conversation and leave room


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@realmayo I mean it's just an interjection, so en, ah, oh or ha are exactly the same, but 嗯 is just the most common character to transcribe that sound as an standalone thing. You wouldn't use it at the end of a sentence like 啊  or 哦 though.


@Shelley probably yes, but I'd say that in this kind of situation those are the most common ones AFAIK. But:


- There's also 嘛. Used at the end of a sentence has a connotation of something being obvious.

- You can technically string a couple of these onomatopoeias together, but it's kinda childish and I haven't really seen it in real life outside of people just being silly.

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I forgot to mention the generation gap and I've noticed that older folks (about +70) will say 哦 to acknowledge what you are saying instead of the other alternatives. 


Whenever a grandma says that I can't stop feeling she's looking down on me though... but maybe that's because in my native languages that's a rude interjection ?

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