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How to say Agony Aunt in Chinese?


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Hi there,


In english we have this person/concept that is called an Agony Aunt. When I was growing up, it may be an elder lady who writes a column in a newspaper and answers readers questions. The questions may be about love life, friends, family, work, education pressures etc. The lady wasn't your aunt, nor did she solely focus on "agonising" subjects (although they could be). It was more just like a motherly, kind advice column on lifes issues.


examples of questions might be  I am scared of my temper what should i do? My boss bullies me, what should i do? Does he like me back?


Is there a similar phrase in Chinese? or a word to describe a person that gives helpful friendly life advice? (by this i mean i dont want a direct translation of Aunt and Agony)  


I would like to give off a sense of warm, elderly, motherly advice about a range of life/personal issues.



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I have a vague recollection we've discussed this before in connection with those radio call-in shows.




Yep, "Speaking of which, how might one say agony aunt in chinese? Is there a similar occupation in Chinese culture?" asked here:




By the way, shame the audio's so bad on that 编辑部的故事 clip. It's a great show, especially if you're interested in what Beijing life was like 30 years ago. Even more especially if you love listening to Beijing people talk.


This episode has good audio, subtitles, and a special guest appearance by China's Favourite Foreigner.



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