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Good Intensive Courses in Shanghai?


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I'm in Shanghai also and willing to try to give learning Shanghaihua a shot.

I asked my friend the other day how to say 小姐 and 买单

It goes like this: Shoujia! Madei!

They were like stunned and looked at me like I was a talking dog.


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hi i was looking at either going to fudan uni or sisu for a month or longer this coming summer...

what are the pros and cons of each?

Also, was wondering about the typical age range of students taking the summer courses? I am 20 myself and would prefer learning with others my age(ish)

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Would anyone know if there are any other nearby accomodations outside of the SISU campus? How much is the general rate? Also, is it easy to commute from SISU to downtown Shanghai? What public transportation do we take and how much does it usually cost?


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Hi there,


I am looking for a mandarin intensive course in Shanghai, I have been searching for schools but I am really getting confused by the price differences and the promises the schools make. I am really concerned about paying the 6 months course and then find that the school doesn't deliver their promises. 


My idea is to go there on February or March, to do an intensive course of 6 months. My goal is to be able to get a good level that allows me to work in China. I prefer group lessons instead of 1-1. 


My main concern here is quality, more than pricing. (Of course I would like to compare a couple options)


So far I have found these schools that seem to have experience and some kind of accreditations:


- imandarim http://www.imandarin.net/

- mandarim house http://www.mandarinhouse.com/

- hutong school http://www.hutong-school.com/


Can someone tell me if they had a good/bad recent experience in any of those schools? Or even at other schools they have tried or know and would recommend to go or to avoid.


I have also read in a few threads that the best place to study would be Beijing due to local accent. As those threads I read were old I wanted to have some feedback if that still makes that big difference. Any thoughts on this?


Thank you all for the help and advice you may give me.

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