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Help needed with volunteer translation into Chinese

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Can I humbly ask everyone's help with a translation into Chinese? My dad, who is a member of the local Rotary club, has a very nice idea to raise money for polio vaccinations (see below). He wants to roll out the idea internationally and asked me to make a Chinese translation, so he can contact Taiwanese clubs. He and my mom visited me when I was living in Taiwan and met a Rotary member there, so he would like to use and grow that connection.


Problem is that my written Chinese is bad (see below). I explained this to him, but he insists that it will still be helpful and also he is proud that his daughter knows Chinese and can contribute. So I said alright. Nobody involved is getting paid, it's all volunteer work for charity.


I'll post the English version in spoiler tags and then my translation. Any and all suggestions on the Chinese are welcome. I have my dad's permission to share the text.





I am a member of the Rotary Club in [town], the Netherlands, and have an idea for collecting money in the fight to eradicate polio.

Soon, the government will start a vaccination programme to protect the population against COVID-19. It is only a matter of time before a viable vaccine is developed, and there is probably already a manual for how to run the vaccination drive. The location will probably be a sports hall or another large venue where everybody can keep sufficient distance.

My idea is to ask people who have just been vaccinated and are leaving the venue for a small donation (1 or 2 euros) to support the fight against polio, which is one of Rotary International's longest standing and most significant efforts. The Rotary could set up a stand manned by several volunteers who approach people for a donation when they leave.

I expect that the Corona vaccine will be offered free of charge. If this fundraiser is done on a national and maybe even international scale, the small donations would, together, amount to a significant sum. Rotary clubs would not, as with many projects, have to ask for sponsoring from local businesses or friends and family. The funds would be raised by the wider population.

The public relations will be very important. For example, use of press releases and promotion through social media. Cooperation will have to be sought from the public health agency responsible for the vaccination drive. This agency will also need to be convinced that the Rotary can organise the fundraiser in a COVID-proof manner.

We have successful experience with a similar inoculation campaign. In 2002 the Netherlands held a large vaccine drive amongst youth for meningitis. We approached people for a small donation after their vaccination. About 40 Rotary clubs took part, and we raised more than €100,000. An amount that we could easily surpass this time!

I would love to hear what you think of my idea and also if you have ideas or see an opportunity to share this plan with other clubs and inspire them to take part.

Maybe this could also be picked up in your country? A COVID-19 vaccine is not yet ready, but I think that it would be a good idea for the Rotary to start its preparations. Maybe your country has a polio coordinator you could contact?


Kind regards,


[Name], district [number], The Nederlands


My translation:


... 您好,




















[Name], [number]區,荷蘭


I know some bits are good, but on the whole it reads like it's written by someone who reads enough but hasn't had any writing training in years. It's fine if the translation is free in places, this is a letter aimed to enthuse the Taiwanese Rotary people for the plan.


Thanks in advance for any pointers!


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For something person-to-person like this, I think foreigner-sounding Chinese is more than appropriate. It shows the sender put a lot of time into it, didn't just pay for a polished translation or use Google.


Like serving a home-cooked meal: the effort's more important than the taste.


So fix up anything major and send it out.

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Would really love to help but very busy at the moment. If this is not urgent, I will come back with a polished version in two or three days. Or maybe tonight. 🙂


This sort of thing requires a bit of rewriting. 

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@889 I agree, and sending out a less-than-perfect letter also signals that perhaps they should reply in English or in easy Chinese. But I do want to fix major mistakes.


@Kenny同志  Not sure what the deadline is, but there is no immediate rush. In a few days should be fine. No need to completely rewrite, in fact I think it might be better if it's not as smooth and beautiful as you would write it.

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My attempt: 


If you need to address a specific person, you can also say ‘某某先生/女士惠鑑:’




肺疫疫苗政府料將免費提供 (can be deleted as it is irrelevant)。所謂聚水成川,匯河成海,脊髓灰質炎的募捐活動倘能在一國甚至多國開展,所募之款合計起來定將可觀。屆時,由於捐款人數龐大,如同扶輪社的許多其他項目,抗擊脊髓灰質炎的項目就不用再向企業和親友等請求贊助。






Maybe this could also be picked up in your country? (didn't get this)




Hope this helps. 

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Thank you Kenny! That's a beautiful letter. I just looked it over and sent it off to my dad. I admit I changed a few 閣下 to 您, I hope that's okay.


The phrase 'Maybe this could also be picked up in your country?' means that my dad hopes that the plan can also be borrowed, used and implemented (ie, picked up) in the recepient's country. I just left the sentence out, because that is basically already said in the previous paragraph.

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