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Care for a game? 故事接龙游戏

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After using the following language points, each person write one sentence, we take turns to make up the story.
Words required in the story: 然后(hsk3),……的时候(hsk4),嫌(hsk5),忍不住(hsk5),一边……一边……,幸好……不然……(hsk6)

The beginning of the story has been made:


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On 11/20/2020 at 11:46 PM, 艾墨本 said:


我可以理解你的“ask sb. for help”的母语迁移行为,当然,你这样说别人也能听懂,不过中国人一般会说“让陌生人帮他一个忙”

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9 hours ago, 歐博思 said:

Can 走 be 'go' in general once we know the context of "wanting to go by scooter"? Or does it necessarily imply 'walking'? I was aiming for the former.

Certainly could just mean "go". Looked back just to see why I assumed they hadn't ridden; I think it's a combination of no specific mention of taking the scooter despite Xiao Ming's earlier professed unwillingness and that making faces as they went deemed more a thing to do on foot. Would also have slightly more expected a 开 or 骑 as the final verb. But that's all me making assumptions I think.

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On 11/24/2020 at 12:24 PM, Jim said:


I prefer that you use"(要是)骑车来咱们早就到",add a "了" at the final of the sentence. Because in English, we say "we would have arrived earlier", it‘s past future perfect tense. And in Chinese, there's also something pretty much the same, for exemple, “要是当初买了北京的房子,我们就发财了”"要是你早点起,就不会赶不上火车了"“要是钢铁侠不参加复仇者联盟,他就不会死了”。

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还剩下“然后”、“总得”(an extra one, hsk6, a hard one)和“……的时候”~😊大家之前完成得真不错,不知道接下来还有没有中文高手能够继续进行故事接龙?

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@leonie  今天看到一些中国公务员考试的例题, 有一些用到逻辑关联词的推理题中国人也容易做错。虽然“如果”之类的也就是hsk3的词,用这种推理题教中文是不是不太合适?



A. 如果张三案发时在现场,那么张三是杀人犯

B. 如果李四不是杀人犯,李四案发时就不在现场

C. 如果王五案发时不在现场,那么王五不是杀人犯

D. 许六不在案发现场,但许六是杀人犯

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