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Three Kingdoms English translation question


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I've been making my way through the classics in Chinese via 青少年 versions of the books.  Prior to bed I often read English fiction as a way to get my mind off the day and relax.  I want to read Three Kingdoms English version as my next English book and was wondering of there are suggestions on which version to read.  I've pretty much landed on the Moss Roberts translation and going with the unabridged version instead of the abridged.  If you'd suggest otherwise let me know.


In regards to the Moss Roberts unabridged, there are a few versions floating around Amazon.  One that appears to have pictures and maps at over 2,000 pages and another that is over 1,000 pages and just words.  Any suggestions on which Moss Roberts version gives them best reading experience?

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I had a quick look at my Moss Roberts edition and it's the unabridged two-volume paperback totalling around 1,000 pages, with no pictures, though there are 11 maps. Out of interest I had a look on amazon and can see a four-volume set I assume you're referring to. I guess that the two-volume one is simply a republishing of the first, perhaps with the text tidied up a litle too? The author's foreword in my version (first published 2004 by University of California Press) was clearly written for - i.e. reprinted from - the original publication (Foreign Languages Press, many years ealier).


The difference in the number of pages might simply be that the four-volume set is the typical Foreign Languages Press paperback while the books in the two-volume set are bigger (10 inches versus 7 inches high). The approx 100 pages of notes come all together at the end of volume II.


I had a perfectly fine reading experience with the two-volume set. Or rather, I started reading, got bored quickly because it was all unfamiliar, and then a few months later was persuaded to restart by an old teacher who was very distressed I'd dismissed it, and ended up really enjoying the book.


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