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恁 definition in Wenzhounese


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What does 恁 do in Wenzhounese? I found it in this sentence on Glossika:



My hands are cold.


温州话方言词典(李荣) says this:


but I don't get how the sentence would make sense if you exchanged 恁 for 这么. Maybe it would, my Mandarin is unfortunately not good enough for me to know.


Another possibility is that 恁 here may refer to 能 in the dictionary, as another one of Glossika's sentences writes 'now' as 恁界, while 方言词典 has it as 能界. Here's 能's entry:



I'm not sure which of these is correct, so I would greatly appreciate a second opinion. Thanks for the help.


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I don't know anything about Wenzhounese, but based on the dictionary entries you posted, it seems to correspond to the last definition (in spite of not being used after a duplicated character). In this regard, it seems to function like the Mandarin 的 or the Shanghainese 'e' that often comes at the end of a phrase (for example, 老冷呃).

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9 hours ago, Nightcap said:

Are 很 and 的 used together with adjectives in Mandarin?


Colloquially, yes. I think it's part of the  是...的 construction with the 是 dropped. For example, 汤很烫的. Of course, the 的 could also be dispensed with.

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