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What is your aim of taking the test? Do you just want to pass or do you want to check your Chinese level? These types of tests are pretty easy to pass as long as you know all of the main vocabulary and can read fast enough. You can just use 'test taking skills' to guess the answers and eliminate the wrong ones. However, if you think that having a good solid foundation of Chinese is more important than a passing score of 60%, then it seems like you'll need to do a bit more work.

As far as advice is concerned, number one has to be:

1. Don't ask for advice about an exam you're taking the next day. It's way too short notice to make any significance. 


When it comes to practicing for the test:

1. Don't learn word lists. Learn new vocabulary in sentences. It's much easier to remember, you'll see how it's used naturally, and you'll get more familiar with grammar patterns. Not only that, but eventually when you have to 造句, you'll already have a pretty good database of sentences stored in your brain.

2. Try to take as many mock tests as possible. They're basically the equivalent to a graded reader but at the exact level you are preparing for. There are always lots of short dialogues you can listen to and short articles that you can use to learn new vocabulary. 


Finally, I don't remember the HSK 4 having any 'extra' words added to it that weren't on their word list, so it sounds like you may think you have learnt them all, but they've not all stuck. Try to get some more exposure to them before the test. Listen to the audio files for a mock test, then read over the script.


Good luck for tomorrow! 

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