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健身歌单 Workout playlist


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I made a playlist that you can listen to while exercising. I tried to pick songs that are fast-paced and have lyrics that are rather 励志. All of the songs are sung in Mandarin although the occasional local dialect sneaks in at times. According to iTunes, the length of the entire playlist is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Enjoy!


YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ8Fy1DF6g4&list=PLKPg6d3PEwV1_HfjLuIaVxQyKBMMbJ1w1


Tracks listed individually:


  1. Be a Queen ✪ 钟紫伊、王柯 ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  2. 心经+六字大明咒 ✪ Chan Lean ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  3. Diamond 钻石 ✪ ØZI ♫ 说唱 Rap
  4. 天干物燥 ✪ GAI ♫ 说唱 Rap
  5. My Way ✪ 张碧晨 ♫ 流行 Pop
  6. 执着 ✪ 倪琰宸组 ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  7. 功夫 ✪ 王启 ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  8. 腎上腺素之歌 ✪ 88balaz ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  9. Energy ✪ 放客兄弟 ♫ 放客 Funk
  10. 驰 Timelapse (Live) ✪ CORSAK胡梦周 李长庚 李明洁 戚唯 ♫ 流行 Pop
  11. 路在脚下 ✪ 王大痣 BuzzySun NINEONE ♫ 说唱 Rap
  12. 冲一波 ✪ 吴莫愁 ♫ 流行 Pop
  13. Keep ___ing ✪ June Pan ♫ 流行 Pop
  14. Go psycho ✪ 孙瑄阳 ♫ 说唱 Rap
  15. 场上称霸(Run This) ✪ Vinida 万妮达 ♫ 说唱 Rap
  16. 轮到我 ✪ 孙伯纶 ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  17. Shut Up ✪ 徐歌阳 ♫ 流行 Pop
  18. 刀剑如梦 ✪ 陈梓童+柳畅源 ♫ 说唱 Rap
  19. 溶化 ✪ 反光镜 ♫ 朋克 Punk
  20. 青春没有终点 ✪ 逃跑计划 ♫ 摇滚 Rock
  21. 未知的旅途 ✪ 闪星乐队Twinkle Star ♫ 摇滚 Rock
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Recently I have become a stan of the Chinese boy group 威神V, also called WayV. I think their 《Take Off》, an Urban dance song, is also suitable for listening to while exercising.

@feihong If you are interested, maybe you can help to add the youtube link.

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