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Difficulty in connecting characters to meaning


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“Fields lined up next to one another “ that is great explanation for the glyph origin for 当.


How the 尚  is used to connect to still, yet? Better to remember some words through wild mnemonics?


Historical forms of the character 
Western Zhou Warring States Shuowen Jiezi(compiled in Han) Liushutong(compiled in Ming)
Bronze inscriptions Chu Slip and silk script Small seal script Transcribed ancient scripts
尚-bronze.svg 尚-silk.svg 尚-seal.svg 尚-bigseal.svg
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“Still, yet” is a sound loan meaning for 尚. In other words, it’s not related to the original meaning of 尚, “to go up into a hall.” Rather, the character 尚 was borrowed for its pronunciation to write a word that sounded the same or similar, and meant “still, yet.”


This is similar to writing “I’m going 2 the store.” The “character” 2 is used for its pronunciation, not because the preposition “to” is related to the number “two.”

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for 当 dāng Fields lined up next to one another is the oracle bone meaning


Pleco has the meaning as : dong, ding dong bell


different definitions 

bear, accept, undertake ; just


16 HZ:(Might be Hanji)

to be, to act as, to manage, withstand, when, during, ought, should, match equally, equal, same, obstruct, just at a time or place, on the spot, right, just at


I am reading a story with one word in sentence as 当地 dāngdì = local.


what is Single meaning I can remember for 当 dāng? So many meanings confuses me.


how to arrive at the meaning of local for 当地 dāngdì?

For dāngdì? to come up with local, which are the sequential steps my mind to follow?


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my experience learning with a word 


day1, learned the meaning and it sub components meaning and written on paper. I tried to connect meaning to Twitter, which is also social networking site.

Next day I tried recollecting: I tried to read it as jiji zhuzhu, but actual pronunciation is jiji  zhazha. zhu is incorrect. I corrected it in my mind


I can recollect only ji means table. da means dawn. I could not connect it to Twitter. My word to meaning connection i could not recollect. Will try tomorrow to review this again.

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Day3: I can remember the pronunciation and meaning, but could not recollect the components meaning .


叽 : Sigh in disapproval : table and mouth opens up multiple connections, so could not remember  I think.

喳 : whispering : I remember investigate and examine for Cha. But not zha1.

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Day4: Got pronunciation and meaning and sub components meaning correct. 

叽 : Sigh in disapproval ( when sitting on the table some one sigh in disapproval picture I am imagining else could not remember this meaning)


learning other meanings  for 叽叽喳喳 chirp, buzzing, to chatter continuously...




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