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Is story telling way of remembering vocabulary always correct?


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Each learner has his or her own preference. 


I think the "story telling" method might work best for early beginners. As you go along, new words will become easier to remember because of how they resemble or relate to the vocabulary you already know. 

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Every learner may be different, but rote learning and repetition alone is not enough for most learners. Repetition on a specific, long-term schedule (usually a matter of months) may help memorize technical things, but they become easy to forget once you stop repeating them. Storytelling can be extremely effective because you're more likely to remember the story and hearing certain words can "trigger" the story and remind you of their meaning until they eventually become second nature. A story is harder to forget than a flashcard.


Again, everyone's different and there isn't one correct way of doing it. Try both. Whatever produces better results for you is the best method.

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