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CIS and CSC monthly stipend were stopped since Sept 2020


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Hi guys! I am a MTCSOL student from Xiamen University, (2019 CIS Scholarship recipient).

I went back to my home country since January 2020 for winter holiday and had been stuck here since then.

My university has stopped the monthly stipend since Sept 2020, the teacher always that they will sent the monthly stipend if we went back to China, but the problem is they didn't even let us go back to china. Other teachers also said that they notify us if they have any news, and it has been months.... 

I have completed HSK 6 and HSKK test for the sake of CIS annual scholarship review, and I also didn't receive any news about the result, whenever I ask the teachers they will not reply....


Is it just happens in our university? or it is happen in all university? cause I heard my friend said that her friends in one of university in Beijing keep getting her monthly stipend although she is not in China. 

Thank you all~ 

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That's the case for all universities, unfortunately. I don't know about your friend, but I have friends at different Chinese unis and the situation is exactly the same everywhere. Nobody knows what's gonna happen. My uni stopped paying in March last year, but then they reimbursed us for all the lost scholarship in August. Since then we didn't get anything either. It is possible that we will be paid back once we get back to China or when we graduate, I think it depends on some higher authority. 


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I posted the same question in facebook, a guy from 四川师范大学 said that their uni start giving out monthly stipend again this month. Maybe it is up to our school to decide whether they are going to give the money or not.

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We also haven't received the scholarship. I am 2020 CSC student who studied online for 1 year and recently came to China. During our studies, due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic, many of us faced hardship, many of us lost our jobs, it was difficult to pay for internet and support our families. We only got the stipend form the day we came to China.   We had to spend a lot of money during quarantine (7+3days and 7 days outside university and 7 days inside university), which cost a lot of money and it is hard for my family to bear that money. Hope CSC understands our problem and give us our full stipend. THANK YOU

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