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Flexi Classes Shanghainese Classes Tester?


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Hey, I'm the guy on reddit you were talking about other Wu dialects with. I've got some knowledge of Shanghainese, so I'd be happy to try it out as well. What do we actually have to do?

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@Nightcapthat would be great and welcome to Chinese Forums. Reddit is a good place, but when it comes to talking about Chinese language learning, Chinese Forums is the place to be ?. I will pm you for your email address to send you the details.

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I am also interested! (In both Shanghainese and Hokkien if available) Is it still possible to join? (I can honestly probably catch up on my own if it's just one or two classes missed) What time are the classes?

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On 5/17/2021 at 1:43 PM, Takeshi said:

I am also interested!

absolutely yes. Flexi Classes Shanghainese are always available 24/7 day and night. Thats the special thing about the system. Its pretty cool and we would have never been able to invest that much work into this for just Shanghainese, but because we have it for Mandarin, adding Shanghainese was not that hard and as we have a Shanghainese teaching team at LTL Shanghai for many years, we now have one of the best online language live teaching systems available for a not very popular language. ?

I will pm you for your email detailsl


@liaozhihanthats great. I will pm you for details


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