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Mandarin Cheat Sheets

Mandarin Cheat Sheets

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Mandarin Cheat Sheets

Hi, everyone! I recently created a shop with (hopefully someday) useful HSK 3.0 resources. I'm currently working on printable PDF documents with all the words and characters showing up in the HSK1-9.


I always considered Mandarin difficult, so I made all kinds of cheat sheets to study more efficiently. This is the first time I'm sharing the resources I'm making, I hope you'll like them.


I'm especially proud of my characters cheat sheet because every character contains ALL the pronunciations it attains in the entire new HSK opus, and the translations are short and concise:



Vocabulary cheat sheets should prove the most useful for reviews.

There are no translations, and words are primarily sorted by their tones (hence they are easily masterable) and then by their frequency.



Since I'm currently going through the official documentation to sort everything out, I also made a complementary Anki deck, which you can download here.


I included some useful information in the deck:

  • there is one additional field with character's usages in the HSK opus; for the elementary level and character 的, that would look like: HSK1: 的 (de) 别的 (biéde) 真的 (zhēnde) 有的 (yǒude) HSK2: 目的 (mùdì) 的话 (dehuà) HSK3: 有的是 (yǒudeshì)
  • similar-sounding words contain the words with identical syllables but different tones, for example: 知道 (zhīdao) 直到 (zhídào) 指导 (zhǐdǎo)
  • besides the pinyin and translation and the corresponding level, the traditional form is also included, as well as stroke order (that is, if you install the font created by Reinaert Albrecht)


anki_vocab_large.thumb.png.710e9a3350300904ca43bbe5a1418cb8.png  anki_chars_large.thumb.png.29165724f4d671cae51d30c598ba387d.png

The shop is called Mandarin Cheat Sheets (yeah, I know... like my username AND the title of the post... I guess I don't really know how to be subtle).


It takes approximately a week to go through every level (band?), so this project will be finished in about a month. 


In the meantime, comments and suggestions are always appreciated! And thanks for hearing me out :) 

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Mandarin Cheat Sheets

Hi, everyone! I finally published new resources for the Intermediate levels (HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6).


Here is a preview for the characters and vocabulary cheat sheets: 

hsk6.thumb.png.35ca6a3125c65c661c54ac8ea5267c6f.png     vocab_cheat_sheets2.thumb.png.d54d9701b7f963c723b9b39041e69f83.png


There are also complementary Anki decks:

anki_chars_int.thumb.png.04e47f78a7810540f6cd676bb1e5c6de.png     anki_vocab_int.thumb.png.cd2bb19d1304f853da5e6dd890e74ec1.png   

You can download the decks here.

Since this project is taking a huge amount of time, the HSK7-9 resources will be uploaded in a month. Wish me luck :)

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