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Comparison between HSK and Chinese School Textbooks


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I want to compare the level of HSK with Singapore (or PRC/Taiwan) Chinese textbook based on the Difficulty. Can I assume as below?


HSK1 = Primary 1 Textbook

HSK2= Primary 2 Textbook

HSK3 = Primary 3Textbook

HSK4= Primary 4Textbook

HSK5 = Primary 5 Textbook

HSK6 = Primary 6 Textbook


Secondary Textbooks are better than HSK6? I am not very sure, just a question. 





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Definitely not. Hsk is designed for foreign Learners only and completely different than curriculum designed for natives. 


First of all native Chinese are already fluent verbally. Secondly a Chinese first grader can probably read over a thousand characters and many more words. This is just my guess but I would say a Chinese first grader going into second grade is probably similar to hsk5 already, except in a much more practical way because they will have no problem reading different materials designed for children and the same is not true of a hsk 5er.

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@PerpetualChange In Singapore, non chinese people also can take Chinese as subject from primary 1. Back of the text book they will give english meanings. roughly each semester have 10 lessons and each lesson will have 15 to 20 new words)


HSK1 = Primary 1 Textbook ( 300 new words) 

HSK2= Primary 2 Textbook + 300 = 600

HSK3 = Primary 3Textbook + 300 = 900

HSK4= Primary 4Textbook + 300 = 1200

HSK5 = Primary 5 Textbook  + 400 = 1600

HSK6 = Primary 6 Textbook. + 400 = 2000


In general they should have learnt ~ 2000 by primary.



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PRC primary school textbooks give a list of characters a kid should be able to read and write (separately). IE, 1st grade textbook (in two parts) gives you 700 characters you should recognize (300+400) and 300 characters to write (100+200).

Interestingly, in 6th grade there are no new characters to recognize but still 300 more you should be able to write.

By the end of primary school a kid should be able to read 3000 characters + write 2500 (of those 3000 ofc).

I got myself the set from ali, and at HSK 4 i can read most of the texts in 一年级上册 textbook (except classical poems). Keep in mind though that at this level there are sections 'read with an adult', and almost all texts have pinyin notation.

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