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what kind of font do I learn to write?


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The question is, which one do I choose to learn to write characters? To get started in it
Personally, I like Jhenghei, because it lacks the hooks at the end of each stroke, which will be a problem for me.
But I've seen the same character written in Jhenghei and in other fonts and it changes, it's not 100% the same, regardless of its thickness
Which one do you recommend? If I learn to write in JhengHei, isn't there a problem? I get the impression that I won't recognise characters in other fonts later on.
Or better Kaiti?

I would very much appreciate your answers.

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By definition, fonts are meant for printing.


Rather than copying computer fonts you might be better off learning to write using some software like Tofulearn or Skritter.


The fonts issue is more related to reading characters really... you need to be able to read both kinds, the modern Fangti style (equivalent to sans serif fonts, e.g. Helvetica) and Songti/Mingti style where you can see the direction of strokes, and the "hooks" like you mentioned (similar to serif fonts, e.g. Times Roman). 

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Kaiti 楷体 fonts are good for the general shape, but they're based on calligraphy rather than handwriting. If you want a font to compare your handwriting against, look for a Chinese handwriting font (手写字体).


In any case, a font won't teach you the stroke order or the mechanics of good handwriting. The best it will do do is provide you a model to compare your results against.

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