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Anime mandarin dubs?


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Doing a search of the forums turns up a couple dead resources. I was wondering if anybody knows a great source for Anime dubbed in Mandarin? I've generally resisted going down this route as I'm also learning Japanese which I've neglected a lot, and it seems foolish to spend my time watching Japanese content in Mandarin. But that said I really need something that I can watch over and over again, and C-Dramas just don't really offer that possibility to me. While I like the good ones well enough, having tried to rewatch them I'm usually just not nearly as engaged the next time around. Whereas with Anime, I know so many series I would happily watch over and over again, if only because I built the habit of doing so during my early teens.

So yeah, any recommendations on where I can find these would be great.

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These sites have a lot of Cantonese dubs but you can find Mandarin dubs as well. Just look for 国语/國語 (guoyu) and you can find a treasure trove of classic anime in Mandarin.





Here are also sites that have local chinese anime. Just look for 动画 (donghua) Not exactly sure if that is what you asked for but if the cdramas were a too dry for you then you should give these a try.







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Thanks for asking this question, it is something I want to know myself.


Netflix has a very good selection of classic Studio Ghibli anime films and the Mandarin dubs are all very good.


Surprised to see so many more Cantonese dubs than Mandarin on those websites EricJMa recommended. I guess it was just a more lucrative market up until recently.


I just found the Mandarin dub of Demon Slayer, so I think I'll rewatch that over the next couple of weeks (Netflix doesn't have that dub)


鬼灭之刃国语在线播放第1集-卡通站 (ktkkt.top)

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