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Why is my friends school closing for two weeks? Policies or virus?


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My friend teaches in a training centre in Taiyuan, teaching kids from 2 - 10. Typical training centre, with most of the classes held evening and weekends. Anyway, the teachers have been told that the school is closing for the next two weeks due to the the virus situation. However, I’m a bit suspicious because there’s not really any cases in Taiyuan or even Shanxi as far as I can see (and I might be wrong about that, but I’ve only noticed a couple of cases reported in the area, imported). Som I am wondering if it’s really something g to do with the new policy. 

This school are not very good and he is looking for another job anyway,  but was going to wait until next term. However, I am wondering if he should just leave ASAP! He can’t trust them to be honest about their reasons for closing and is worried that if it is really because of the new policy, if they are suddenly going to announce that they are closing for good, leaving him in limbo! The school initially told them that the new policies did not apply to their school, as it is not teaching core English but was more like an extra thing like dancing etc.  but I’m not so sure about that.


Have anyone heard of training centers closing temporarily because of the virus or do you think this closure is really due to the new policies? I

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It's most likely because of the new policy. My training center closed down last month - not because of bankcruptcy, but simply cause most of our students were 3 - 6 years old and losing them would mean we pretty much can't exist anymore. 


I could've left but decided to stay until they officially notified us - that way I was entitled to 1 months compensation pay by law. Now I found a new job at a kindergarten but am anxious they will eventually be affected too.

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