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Help buying 席殊3SFM实用硬笔字60小时训练?


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I am trying to find a way to buy 席殊3SFM实用硬笔字60小时训练 (handwriting handbook) and I haven't been able to find anything that works. 京东 told me they won't ship to my location (Serbia), 淘宝 gave me a giant clusterfuck (the website is essentially nonfunctional for me -- it threw up so many errors, poorly coded pages, and bad customer service it made me want to chuck my laptop across the room), and I've tried a few other websites but none have been helpful. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get my hands on this book? At this point I'd be willing to pay someone on here to act as an intermediary, if I have to.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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京东 worked for me here in the US, but that doesn't help you.


The 3SFM book has been recommended here on the forums, but I'm not sure there's anything that sets it that far apart from the other 行书 copybooks on the market? The book claims that it teaches something it calls 实用行书, something it insists is different from "calligraphy". I'm not sure how much of that claim is just marketing. When I've showed my Chinese calligraphy friends 字帖 from the book they have remarked that they aren't very aesthetically pleasing, so maybe the focus is more on practicality.




Does your location in Serbia have Chinese immigrants or graduate students? If so then they've presumably found a way to buy stuff from China. There's a bookshop here in our local Chinatown that will ship books for you from China; maybe you can find something similar. If there are graduate students then maybe there's a WeChat group you could pose this question to. 

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