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Where would I find the top 20 songs of 2003/2004?


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I want to download a certain song, but damned if I know the name.  It was playing everywhere the first year I was in China, 2003-04.  It was a contemporary of S.H.E's "Superstar".  I'm not really sure how it goes.  But it's sad and it's sweet and it would often repeat, when I wore a younger laowai's clothes.  

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Very useful list!  Thanks!  


Boy, that was a trip down memory lane.  I totally forgot about Eason Chen. And Wong Faye! And several other songs on that list brought me back to another time and place.  


But dang, what a pain loading them.  Several sites used Flash and wouldn't load at all.  Others refused to play unless I installed an app (and probably registered, and paid a fee). And music.163.com simply refused to connect, even with firewall-jumping software off.  Ended up having to send the titles to my phone by Wechat Windows "file transfer" and then searching for them on QQ Music (which I do pay for).  


Strikes me as how many of them are dull, forgettable soft music.  Piano, soft guitar, love songs...bleh.  Special dishonor points to S.H.E《不想长大》which is just a straight-up ripoff of a famous classical music composition that I can't remember the name of.  


The song I'm looking for was bangin', stirring, even.  It was KTV-able, I remember wanting to learn it.  But never did.  Maybe it was by Wong Faye?  I remember telling people I liked her when I got the inevitable question about what kind of Chinese music do you like. It wasn't 将爱 even though that's a pretty bangin' tune.  Maybe I'll try Youtube and the algorithm will recommend the right song by chance.  Oh, it turns out 将爱 was the whole album, gonna listen to it and see if it bears any fruit.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ57AtDZbzI


Edit: nope. 😢

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