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Guided meditation in Chinese - anything like headspace available?


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Meditation is so popular and everyone talks about the benefits of it. A while back I started doing the headspace course but I didn't keep it up for long. It seemed really professional and structured and I keep meaning to start it up again.


Being able to make meditiation a part of my Chinese learning would motivate me a bit more I think. I looked around for guided meditations in Chinese and couldn't find anything close to headspace in quality and volume of lessons available.


Does anybody have any recommendations?



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You can find vipassana classes in a lot of cities, it's called 内观 in Chinese, they're sometimes held in temples but also by lay practitioners I believe. Not done a course myself but from friends understand it's more similar to Western modern meditation, i.e. less emphasis on the traditional trappings of religion and more sitting. Just did a quick search on WeChat and it seems there's a lot of public accounts and streaming channels there you might explore.

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On 12/6/2021 at 1:07 PM, Jim said:

You can find vipassana classes in a lot of cities, it's called 内观 in Chinese

I guess I am more looking for audio files to take a ten minute break some time during the day, I guess I never considered something like that but it could probably be a pretty interesting experience and potential way to make friends. I'll look into it.  

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@markhavemann-- Here's a link to a Reddit thread about that (from 3 or 4 years ago):  https://www.reddit.com/r/Meditation/comments/6gronv/does_anyone_know_of_a_meditation_app_in_mandarin/ 


I use the "Calm" app, 10 to 15 minutes a day. Have done it for years. It's available in half a dozen languages, but not Chinese. Fits your  description. >>"I guess I am more looking for audio files to take a ten minute break some time during the day."


Here's one I just now found. Looks good. I might try it myself. https://insighttimer.com/lingjin/guided-meditations/ru-shui-ming-xiang 



>>"This meditation, created in Mandarin, guides you with deep breathing and a gentle body scan. It encourages you to let go, let loose, feel the inner connection and relax deeper. And prepares you to have a good sleep. 这个简短的普通话冥想,会引导你进行深呼吸,建立与内心的连接,释放内心的紧张,深度的放松身心,并安然入睡。"


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