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Peking University Application 2022


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Hi everyone!


I'm applying for Peking University's graduate program this year, so I create this thread for anyone applying for Peking to share application updates or enquiries :). And also hope that current PKers can join and share their stories in Peking~


Best of luck!

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Since I received the scholarship in 2020 I have been studying online at PKU for two years and counting. The classes are poorly organised, they don't care about the students that study online, and I take classes from 1:00AM to 14:00PM.


If you live in Africa, Europe or America, I don't advice you to study in China. You will deal with internet connection problems, teachers that don't care about you, and a big time difference between your country and China.


If you live in Asia and you like studying online, then go ahead. China won't open its borders until mid 2023/early 2024, the damage your body will suffer from starring at a screen almost all day and not going out will be assured. All my online classmates have developed both mental and physical problems, online studying is really amazing.


Whatever you end up deciding or ends up happening: good luck.


I also want to remind everyone that if what you are looking for is a "Mandarin" experience, Taiwan and Singapore actually allow international students to study in the country, not thousands of kilometres away through a screen like China. The only thing I can assure everyone about China is that your only experience with the country will be online, through a screen. China won't allow international students at least until mid-2023.


This decision will mark your future, so I really advice everyone to think really well about it.

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Hi all,


I heard PKU asks some students applying for English master degree in PKUSZ PHBS or maybe in other place to attend interview. Some say they will ask your knowledge about math, economics, etc.


It is a bit unusual for English master program in China to ask students to attend math, econ interview test session. And I  not sure how much can be asked during online interview of 30 mins? 1 hour?


Is it true?


1. How many and what questions ask?

2. How long does the interview last?

3. Can you share the REAL questions asked (math, econ, etc) from previous years?

4. Can you share your interview experience for the admission interview? Or can you refer to others' experience or blog story or data?


Thank you.

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On 3/4/2022 at 2:32 AM, Jan Finster said:

Do you have a source for that?

I think no one can tell the exact time. It depends on the COVID situation development. 

Current official policies:

关于允许持三类有效居留许可 外国人入境的公告(2020年9月23日)

关于暂时停止持有效中国签证、居留许可的 外国人入境的公告(2020年3月26日)

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