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2021/2022 revision of the HSK (HSK v3) information/books


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Does anyone have any information on where to obtain books regarding HSK v3? I figure if I'm going to take the test, I should study for the current version.

I have a colleague in Beijing who has not been able to find anything for me.


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On 3/1/2022 at 9:00 AM, Glyn said:

True, but the test requirements HAVE changed.


Have they?  (Edit: maybe they have; see my later post.)  To the best of my knowledge, the last updates were this QQ post and this tweet (from April last year), wherein the new HSK7-9 is supposed to be rolled out this month (March 2022).  They say that HSK1-6 won't be changed until afterwards, and then they will implement the changes gradually over 3-5 years.



因此,HSK将依据《标准》,在保持现有六个级别考试稳定的基础上,首先增加HSK7-9级,形成“三等九级”考试等级体系,现行的HSK1-6级考试近期不会调整。 ……


依据《标准》科学研制HSK7-9级需要一个过程,目前计划于2021年12月试考,2022年3月正式推出考试。  ……




It's possible to study the HSK 3.0 vocabulary using the official pdf (version without watermark), which also lists out the HSK 3.0 grammar points; note the addition of handwriting, translation, and speaking components.  Besides this, there's not much in the way of study materials (although Chinese Zero to Hero was quick off the mark to make a series of videos).

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It seems a HSK 3.0 grammar book was just released recently: 国际中文教育中文水平等级标准·语法学习手册(初等).  It's a grammar book for the elementary level: HSK 3.0 levels 1-3.  It's by the same lead author 刘英林 as the new standards.  It's for sale at Jingdong, Taobao, and Dangdang; note that the Dangdang link contains the whole table of contents, matching the HSK 3.0 standards.


The QQ page says this book was released last month, and that the intermediate and advanced levels will be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2022:




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Thank you, everyone! The Jingdong international site is down at the moment, and my Chinese is not quite good enough to order online, but I have a friend who will help me out. Thanks!

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