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Hey guys, 


I'm kinda confused right now, I got admitted to a university in China and wanted to apply for the CSC scholarship. I uploaded all the documents and filled out all the stuff they wanted on the CSC studyinchina.csc.edu.cn website (including the university code) and don't know what the next step should be or am i good for now? Do i submit the final downloaded .pdf again to somewhere? The universities homepage doesn't state a next step and I can't find a german consulate/embassy that tells me where I could potentially submit the application either? I could only find this step 7 on the CSC homepage.

  • Step 7: Submit scholarship application under the requirements of the dispatching authorities (or application processing agency


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Welcome to the forums!

I had a quick look on the website to refresh my memory (it's been a while since I looked into CSC scholarships) and I'm not sure they're still open for applications, either due to covid or because it's already too late in the year (applications usually close in late March afaik). There used to be three scholarship types and the application procedure for all three was different so if applications are indeed still open, the next step would depend on the type of scholarship you're applying for (somewhere at the top of the application form, you select type A, B or C - so, bilateral programme, university programme, or embassy programme). Since I can't see any of those types of scholarships listed under "Chinese Government Scholarships" though it might be a moot point.

Just be aware also that China is still completely closed for students so even if you do get a scholarship, you won't be able to go but would have to take online classes which in Europe is particularly hard due to the time difference. It might be best to wait until next year and see if the borders open until then.

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Hey, thanks! 

I turned in my Type-B application (online) before the end of march and i know China is closed but i wanted to do it as a precaution if we are able to go to china by september or something. I was just wondering if after the online application at the CSC website I needed to print the stuff again and send it to a embassy or similar but I can't find anything of the sort on my countries embassy website so i assume i don't have to. 

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Again, this is just from memory but type B is the university route (type C would be the embassy route).

If my memory fails me here and you did go down the embassy route, I do think you have to print your application materials and post a hard copy to your embassy (at least that used to be the process a few years ago, pre-covid). For the university programme, I think it was always recommended to get a pre-admission letter from the uni before applying (so, basically, contacting the uni and applying for the programme before submitting your scholarship application rather than after) but I don't think it's mandatory, it just increases your chances.

If you're unsure and can't find the info on campuschina then you could check old CSC threads here, they usually have really detailed and excellent info and there basically isn't a question that hasn't been answered in one of those threads before.

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I am also currently applying for the CSC (Doctorate program that is taught in Chinese). I submitted my application to the university a few weeks ago in hope of getting a pre-admission letter. After my submission the office laoshi informed me that they required my bachelor's degree transcript, etc. as well (I completed my Bachelor's in Canada while I completed my Master's on the CSC in China at the same university I am applying to now. I submitted the other items they requested, but unfortunately did not receive any response since. I inquired again earlier today but was informed that due to limited seats I did not pass the school's application review so did not get a pre-admission letter. 


What are the chances for me to still somehow get a scholarship this year? Bear in mind that my previous HSK5 score wasn't that high even though I passed. 

Would that lower my chances of entering a Doctorate program taught in Chinese? I am also not in China at the moment, and am not sure if that particular Doctorate program even has online classes. Tricky situation, I don't think I will get lucky this time. :)

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