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Chinese fonts (Tencent)


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Hello there everybody,

I've just started learning chinese.

I've been talking to some chinese friends of mine.

He gave a software bundle (tencent) last night. I installed it. But I am not able to see the chinese fonts in the menu bar & tool bar of tencent traveler, messenger and all the other applications that came with tencent.

I have all the simplified, traditional chinese fonts installed. I also installed the east asian language fonts from the Win XP OS CD.

I am able to see the chinese fonts in the webpages, but not in the menu and tool bars. How do you enable it? Without that, I am not able to understand anything.

My meny and tool bars shows "????" "????" "????" and some strange symbols which are not chinese.

Could anybody tell me how to enable that? Also, please tell me how to make the menu & tool bar appear in english as well.

I have the windows xp OS (US-English) on my laptop.

Tencent traveler seems to be really good. Could anyone also tell me how to block the POP-UPs? They are really annoying!

I am sorry, I asked a lot of Questions. Please bear with me. And please give me the solutions for everything. I am just a beginner.



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As I recall you need to look under the language settings in your Control panel where you'll see a setting for 'Non-Unicode system fonts' which you have to set to GB2312 or Chinese. Sorry to be a bit vague as I'm a Linux user now so can't check this, but hope that helps.

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Thanks very much. I got it working now.

Can anyone tell me how to block those ugly pop-ups in tencent traveler?

Also, everytime I try to open a website, it opens in a new tab. How can we change that?

I don't know how to read chinese. I 've just started learning chinese.

Since I find these tencent application good, I wanna use it more and more.

Any inputs are welcome. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks once again,


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