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"Language transfer" for Chinese?

Jan Finster

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Recently I started studying a bit of Spanish and found "Language tranfer": https://www.languagetransfer.org/free-courses-1


This is probably the most amazing language learning course for beginners I have ever seen. Basically, they teach principles on how to create sentences from scratch. Lesson by lesson sentences get more complex. So, they might start with: "I go", later "I want to go", then "He wants to go to the movies", then "We do not want to go to the theater tonight with you", then ""she no longer wants to go to Italy next year with her best friend you, because xyz"  [this is not literally what they do, but just to get the gist]


Is there anything like this in Chinese? 

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I listened to the first lesson in French, and its approach of building blocks with audio participation of the listener seemed to me very similar to the Pimsleur method.


Pimsleur does have a Chinese course, but I'm not sure it gets as advanced as you already are in the language.

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This sounds a bit like it might be a bit of a "copy" of the Michel Thomas method. 


The Michel Thomas Chinese course is really really good and absolutely worth doing somewhere in the first year or two of your Chinese studies (I think it works better after you already have some basics)




It's pretty expensive but there are "free" copies floating around the internet *cough cough*

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