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Confused by the Chinese Government scholarship application process


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Hello everyone,

I am interested in applying for MA program in China, and I would like to apply for the Chinese Government scholarship as well. I have been doing my research on some universities I am interested in, but I am so confused by the whole application process, since there are two pathways of application. As I understood, the type A is through the embassy, and the type B is applying through the universities.

Can someone explain to me, where should the students apply first? Do I first have to apply for the universities I am interested in, and then after they make a decision apply for the scholarship or do I apply for both at the same time? And I don't get this pre-admission letter either, does that mean I need to first apply to university, and ask them for the letter or do they send it automatically? I found some contradicting information on different websites, so I am very confused.

Regarding the type A scholarship, on one university website I saw that they say that the application for the scholarship should go through the embassy, but on the Chinese embassy website I haven't seen anything about the scholarship, last information published was in 2019.

If anyone knows answers to some of these questions, I would appreciate it very much if you shared it in the comments. Thank you in advance.

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If you can read Chinese, you can find 中国驻外大使馆教育处 on this web map https://www.cscse.edu.cn/cscse/zwlx/zwslgjyc/index.html, then choose one, e.g. if you are in Australia, choose 中国驻澳大利亚大使馆教育处 on the map, and you can find information about CGS on its website, The Chinese Government Scholarship (2022/2023)is Open for Application(Australia)

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