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Challenge: Can I reach 500 hours of speaking Chinese on YouTube?


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According to this, I'm at "19 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 5 seconds" or 473 hours.  I've already uploaded maybe 15 or so hours of more videos (they automatically become public, one per day).  I'm a stone's throw away from reaching 500 hours, and now I've "disappeared" from YouTube... one of my VPNs has run out of data for this month (video files are huge, and simply uploading 500 hours of videos to YouTube from China is a fairly major undertaking).  My second VPN has this issue, so I can't log in.  So I don't have a VPN, and can't access YouTube right now.


While waiting for next month when my VPN will be usable again, I updated my operating system (a crisp new Linux Mint).  After some faffing around, the software seems to be running much smoother than before, but I'm having a few hardware issues.  I think the main issue is because I have cheap cables (I have to simultaneously plug in a USB mic, mouse, hard disk, and my phone/camera), so my camera and/or mic sporadically disconnect, and if I'm not paying close attention to the video, I don't even notice and continue recording.


I'm planning on going to Australia in August, and see friends and family who I haven't seen since before the pandemic, and maybe take the September HSK6 exam while I'm outside of China (but I'm a bit apprehensive about this, considering what happened last time).  To this end, I'm going to need to get rid of a lot of my books---they're simply too heavy to carry.  So nowadays I'm focusing on getting the most out of my books before I "offload" them in some way.


I'm tempted to try my hand a livestreaming (it makes dealing with storing and uploading files so much easier).  It's hard to livestream on YouTube in China, as you need a portable VPN.  So I'm tempted to try one of the Chinese platforms, and see what happens, but I have no experience on them, and I'm rather worried about inadvertently saying something that people react negatively towards.  I might try livestreaming on YouTube in Australia while I'm there too.

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