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iOS game (iPhone & iPad app) covering HSK 1-4 (vocabulary)


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Hello everyone once again!


I would like to inform you, that my app "Amazing HSK" got approved by Apple.


You can download it from App Store here (or search for "Amazing HSK" in App Store app):



I was thinking about linking the previous topic, but quoting it (without the Android part) make more sense:





Hello everyone!


after six months of development I would like to announce that my game "Amazing HSK" is out. I hope that it will help you learn Chinese and make it fun :-)


The main purpose of the game is to introduce vocabulary from HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 and HSK4. The app is divided in seven islands, where the new words are incrementally introduced. Each of island contains a vast number of chapters and levels - usually the first level is the one called "Wordfinder" where you can learn new words (6 or 8 words per level) - master the original writing, pinyin and pronunciation. Once you learn the words, the game intruduce new levels designed to practice your knowledge. After finishing all of the words, there is "Final Battle" level, where you need to defeat guardian of island. Your objective is to beat the Evil Wizard at the end of the game :-) I tried to made the game as fun as possible, but only you can tell me if I succeed.


Before starting the development I decided to make my game Freemium, which means you don't have any advertising inside (which could distrupt learning). Instead, the game is free to try (the first "Start" island). After finishing the first island, you will be asked, if you wish to continue your journey and support me in improving this app - if you do, you can consider buying me a small coffee :-) I am trying to make the fair price, so if you think, that price for your country is too high or too absurd, please let me know - maybe I can do something about it!


I hope that my topic and post are not against the terms of use (I even read them all!) and I wish everyone good luck in study!

If you can, please tell me what you think about the game, and what would you change in the long run!


Thank you for your time and attention

Mark from Kimisoft & Amazing Game Factory


















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