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Advanced Chinese (C1+) with Chinese drama episodes: 亲爱的生命 (Qīn’ài de shēngmìn – "Beloved Life")


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I am currently working on extracting vocabulary from Chinese drama. You can find the first episode of 亲爱的生命 (Qīn’ài de shēngmìn – Beloved Life; Victoria Song × Wang Xiaochen × Yin Fang × Myolie Wu) at https://hiv.net/advanced-chinese .

The episode lasts 40 minutes and the Chinese transcript contains about 8,000 characters, 942 of which are unique. We present the translation of 716 words.

Is anyone interested in this kind of material?



(Bernd Sebastian Kamps)

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On 1/14/2023 at 2:50 PM, Bernd said:

Is anyone interested in this kind of material?



Are you selling something? If so, make it clear.


And since I already left a comment and I can't delete it,

I am going to ask another question.


On what basis are you claiming that the level of this drama is C1?

Have you done an analysis? If so, I want to hear about your methodology that led you to conclude that C1 is the level of this drama.

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Are you selling something? If so, make it clear.


Right.  People will respond in one way if you're wondering just whether it's useful to create these resources and make them available, or whether they think such resources would be worth paying for. 


And in general, it's always good to be transparent if there's any chance people will misconstrue your motivation for posting.

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Bernd, I am not sure what you are suggesting. I can download the transcript and the audio from that episode in 2 clicks. 


If you are interested in medical/scientific Chinese, then yes, this would interest me a lot. So, if you are trying to find your niche, you could provide material for medics or (biological) scientists. For example you could harvest sentences related to medicine from TV shows or other sources and create a library of medical sentences with real audio.



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No, I am not selling anything. If you open https://hiv.net/advanced-chinese, you will see that you can download the script and the MP3 file. I am preparing this material for myself and wondered if anyone else might find it useful to work with.


As for the "C1+" level, no, I did not do any analysis or use any methodology. Language teaching is not my profession. Have you listened to the audio? What level do you think it is?



Yes, indeed, I was wondering if it would be useful to make these resources available (for free, as mentioned above). I am creating them for myself with the goal of understanding every single word of any Chinese drama as if it were my native language (or a language in which I have achieved near-native proficiency: German, French, Italian, English). Preparing the script and extracting vocabulary takes me about an hour a day. Sharing this material with people ready to learn 5,000-10,000 or even more Chinese words would be better than just having it on my computer.


Jan Finster

Hi Jan, I happened to start my work with 亲爱的生命, Qīn'ài de shēngmìn - Beloved Life, and I was happy to be comfortable with the topic as I am a medical doctor. In the end, however, I will not create a library of medical phrases. As I said in the previous answer, I want to create a set of materials that will eventually present more than 10,000 words and put you in a position to understand any Chinese drama. In terms of study hours, we should expect 1,000 to 1,500 hours.

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Hello Wilhelm,


Thank you for your website http://www.jiong3.com/gradedwatching/ !! No, I wasn't aware of your website. As I am also working on the "Find Yourself" show, your work is of immediate help.

On your website you write, "If you have subtitles you would like to share, please email me." I will send you an e-mail.



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