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Does anyone know where to find TEACHING resources for Chinese?


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Hi all,


Does anyone know where to find free teaching resources for teaching Chinese to English speaking kids? Preferably something aimed at secondary school students. I'm teaching at a school and would like to offer Mandarin as an extra curricular activity. Unfortunately all I can find is primary school stuff and usually just worksheets.


I'd pay for resources but since I probably won't get paid for this (yet) I'd like to know if there's anything else I can use. Lesson powerpoints or plans would be really helpful. 


Many thanks!

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It's been my experience that almost all publishers who offer textbooks provide varying levels and amounts of teacher support. This includes everything from power point presentation support to special licensing prices for audio and video to be used either in a language lab or distributed directly to students (often downloadable from the company website via codes provided for that purpose). 


If you're in the USA, try Cheng and Tsui in Boston. They're the publishers of Integrated Chinese, among other things. They have lots of stuff at other levels, too. They've always been very helpful to me.


Another publisher who might fit your needs is located at www.chinesemadeeasy.com. They've also been very helpful when my download codes didn't work as planned. I think that they're in Hong Kong. I know that they have age specific (elementary, middle, and secondary school level) materials available with lots and lots of resources. It's not really important where the publisher is located, as they all have regional agents, and other than the paper textbooks themselves, everything else is available online.


If you're teaching at a school, and can use their name or letterhead in negotiations, you can get sample copies, etc., quite easily. And buying a half dozen or a dozen copies upfront will do wonders for your credibility. Don't be afraid to contact the publishers directly, bypassing their agents.


I don't have any financial interest or connections with these two publishers, or any other publishers for that matter, so they won't know who I am. But, for example, C&T have even invited me into their editorial offices, shown me material under development, and provided coffee, after I asked some pertinent questions at their retail outlet in Boston. 


This process will be a whole lot less of a daunting task than you think. Enjoy...



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You may find some use for the ever expanding set of Chinese tools from the Hong Kong book sellers Purple Culture. At one time you had to subscribe for access to some of the tools (a ridiculously small anual fee), but now I can't see any mention of it - maybe they gave up the subscriptions idea. The tools are still there and include many games and stuff that you may be able to use in class. They also have an Annotated Daily News section, but that may be more suitable for higher intermediate level students.

As book sellers, Purple Culture are also very good and reliable, and many of the text books allow a very useful preview or at least access to a Contents page.

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