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I need to find a Chinese/HK/Taiwan movie that has a blind girl

Melody Jun

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I think the movie is from 2000-2010s.

Here is the plot that I remember: The main character is a blind girl named Melody (or at least that's what the subtitle said). She lived alone in a very big house. She likes to write and always carries a typewriter with her. And then she found out that her family members are all dead (I remember the brother was crushed by a falling balcony ). She is very desperate and then commits suicide by jumping from the building. Then she somehow went to the "other side" and met her dad and brother here. Afterwards she is sent back to life and stayed alive. She is also the narrator who tells the story along the movie. 

If anybody knows this film, please tell me the name!


(excuse me for the broken grammar, I am neither Chinese nor English native speaker 😙)

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On 2/5/2023 at 7:42 PM, EnergyReaper said:

I'm not sure, but it seems like a 2005 Hongkong horror movie - 凶男寡女(Set up). The female leader is played by 钟丽缇(Christy Chung). At the end of the movie, the fl was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Edit:just found It's more like a 2009 Hongkong horror movie - 再生号(Written By). The fl's father is played by 刘青云(Sean Lau).

再生号 ( 2009 )

I don't like horror movies, so I haven't watched any of them.


OMG You found it 😍! Your second guess 'Written By' is the one im looking for! Thank you for replying so soon ❤️

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