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Groom not back, bride not worry


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Another translation question. I'm translating into Dutch. Story takes place around 1900, in a small village somewhere in Northern China. The main character is going to marry his sweetheart, and the people of the village have come over to decorate and celebrate. The groom and his five trusted servants have left for town to get 酒, but they are taking a long time to come back.





I have trouble with that last sentence. I understand the words no problem, but I'm not sure how to read the tone. Are the women saying 'Even though the groom has not returned, the bride is not worried in the least', or 'the groom hasn't returned, but the bride shouldn't worry', or something else?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Reads like it's a continuation of the women telling the men to shut up about the bloke not being back with the drink, though agree it's a bit ambiguous. Here's my guess:

The women indoors said, never mind about the man fetching the booze not being back, the groom's not back either. The groom's not back. but you don't see the bride getting worked up. The bride laughed and said, "He'll be back."



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I agree with Jim, except that I think the 也 there is implying the women think the bride should be 焦急/are kind of indirectly asking her why she isn’t. 

Edit to clarify: I think the 也 there is playing the same role as the 也 in a sentence like 我们要迟到了,你也不快点收拾东西

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