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Teaching in China with an 18 year old spent conviction


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I am planning on teaching abroad in an international school. I was thinking China but have since learned you cannot do so if you have anything on your criminal record. I have a spent conviction from 2006 which shows on my enhanced visa and always will. It is for ABH. Will this be a definite no no?

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I would never forgive myself if I didn't ask what ABH means. And where the conviction took place?


I'll also have to be truthful in saying I've had people I employed and/or recommended who didn't tell me about previous convictions, and it cost me both monetarily and in terms of friendships when the issue came up later.


But I can't give you advice on the situation in China.



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I would never forgive myself if I didn't ask what ABH means. And where the conviction took place?


I also had to look it up.  Apparently ABH means Actual Bodily Harm, where the person caused physical injury to someone else, as in an assault.


I also had to look up "spent conviction."  It describes a conviction that got removed from someone's record after a certain period of time.  It seems this term is used in Australia and the UK.


A lesson here:  Don't assume your jargon and abbreviations are understood by others.  This is a global forum.


If I were a visa officer, I would not want to let in someone who had a conviction on their record for assault, even if many years ago.  Perhaps the Chinese are more forgiving.  And perhaps it would be better to teach in a country that didn't ask about criminal records that far back.

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