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Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?


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Somebody shared this on Reddit. 

A 5th grade reading comprehension test for a Chinese school in Malaysia. 


I'd encourage the forum to take a stab at it doing no word lookups. 

How did you do? 




I did alright, but whiffed on a few areas. 

Once I remembered what a "Weixing" is, a lot of it fell into place for me. But I still missed what a "Qixiang Weixing" was later, so I fundamentally confused a few things in the end. 

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Here's the plaintext:







The only character I didn't recognize was 飓 in 飓风 (the one they added pinyin for).  Since I'm interested in science, I worked out the story was about anthropomorphized satellites without much trouble; one being a spy satellite, one being a weather satellite, with each describing describing what they're good at.


The only words I didn't know and had to look up was 比武 and 飓风 (although I inferred 飓风 was something typhoon-like).  Some words I hadn't encountered before (like 轮迹 and 扇动 and 风灾) were self explanatory.  [Re-reading, I just noticed 红外 is "infrared", not "red exterior"---oops!]


I'm also a bit confused with why 警察 is used in 警察地搜索军事目标.  And while I can figure out what 电码 means, shouldn't it just be 电子数据 or something in that ballpark?


(PS. A while back I made a video studying a Singaporean exam: here.  I downloaded the exam paper from here.)

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I fared pretty well! It seems like I learned a great deal of this vocabulary (especially like "satellite" and "infrared") from Liu Cixin books.  I had never seen "云图" before, but I figured it must mean "cloud picture." Which makes sense for a weather satellite.


It took me a couple of seconds to get oriented in regard to the craziness of this passage--two talking satellites in a competition? Ha!

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